Richardson RFPD Inc. announced it has entered into a global distribution agreement with Kendeil S.r.l, a manufacturer of screw terminal and snap-in type aluminum electrolytic capacitors headquartered in Gallarate (VA), Italy. A high-quality manufacturer for more than 30 years, Kendeil’s extensive product offering is used in virtually all high-power inverter applications, such as wind and solar power, industrial motor drives, battery chargers, etc. Kendeil is also developing a line of large-size polypropylene film power capacitors scheduled for release in the next six to nine months.

“We wanted to expand our global reach with a channel partner that understands the energy and power markets,” said Alessandro Bonini, Kendeil Executive Director. “Richardson RFPD’s focus on high power applications, their product knowledge, design support, and global sales reach fit nicely with our growth initiatives.”

By owning its foil etching and formation plant (Goncelin, France), Kendeil controls a key raw material in the electrolytic capacitor production process. Such investments in capital equipment and research to improve product reliability have resulted in a competitively priced product series with reduced lead times and extended product life.

“As we saw lead times and product costs rise in the industry, we sought an addition to our already strong capacitor line card to better serve specific segments of our customer base,” said Kevin Connor, Vice President of the Energy, Power & Interconnect business unit at Richardson RFPD. “Kendeil’s investment in an aluminum foil etching and forming facility, which allows the company to commit to shorter overall capacitor lead times and, ultimately, to realize lower raw material costs, is a tremendous benefit to Richardson RFPD and our customers.”