At IMS 2011, Laser Services was promoting laser cutting EMI and bonding materials.

The company offers distinct advantages over machine cutting of frozen epoxies and EMI/noise suppression materials, according to Laser Services of Westford, MA. Achieving consistency and repeatability with traditional methods of machining is challenging, as these methods often damage and waste material, and frozen epoxies and EMI materials require special handling throughout the manufacturing process. These high-maintenance materials also have a limited shelf-life, which means stock must be closely monitored to be sure it is used up before expiration.

Enter the laser job shop. Laser Services offers vast experience sourcing, handling, storing, and cutting these delicate materials and has addressed the challenges of managing these materials along every step of the manufacturing process, including temperature controlled storage and just-in-time delivery. Laser Services’ precision laser cutting systems are fast, allow for tighter tolerances, cut waste, and minimize handling, resulting in better efficiency.

Laser Services has established relationships with major frozen epoxy manufacturers, and quick turn, 2-3 day process. The company is ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev C registered, and has worked with large defense companies, RF houses, and fully supported distributors.

Material Buying, Storage, and Management

Laser Services will work with you to maximize production efficiency and product quality throughout the entire process, and it begins with our flexible buying and storage. Customers can either purchase the material through Laser Services or provide their own. Laser Services will work with you to determine when and what to order based on your production needs, schedules and the material expiration dates. Laser Services stores material in industrial freezers, keeping material close by and ready for use when you need it, reducing production and turnaround times. The refrigerators are set to manufacturer recommended temperatures, and are connected to back-up generators for added safety.

Customers can also elect to take advantage of Laser Services’ material management program. Laser Services will keep detailed logs and generate weekly updates that specify when material is used, how much material remains, and upcoming expiration dates. Based on this information, the company will offer recommendations as to when material should be used so that you may capitalize on your investment. Laser Services offers low minimum requirements.

Prototyping and Laser Cutting

During production, Laser Services uses one of several highly controllable, repeatable and accurate laser systems dedicated solely to cutting RF and bonding materials. The systems efficiently and cost-effectively handle jobs from small prototype orders to large production runs. The company will work with your engineers to determine optimal layouts based on your production needs, whether the job calls for closely-packed parts to maximize yield, or parts laid out and tabbed together for ease of use and placement. For testing, direct customers can have first articles cut at no additional charge.

Laser Services' laser process decreases the inconsistencies found in traditional machining by reducing distortion and eliminating the crimped edges caused by tool pressure and wear. The laser process can also achieve narrower kerfs, which permit a denser layout for more efficient material utilization. As there are no expensive dies or tooling charges, changes are easily made with an adjustment to the CAD file without heavy expense for rework. This reduces production time and significantly increases accuracy and efficiency.


Commonly stocked epoxy preforms, RF and microwave noise suppression, and EMI absorption materials include: 5025E, CF-3350, 5020K, ECF-561E, 550K, 570K, and several types from the Eccosorb, Henkel, Rogers, and Chomerics family. Please inquire for availability. Laser Services also cuts Pressboard Kits and stock Teflon; Silicon Rubber; Reinforced Silicon; and 3320 for your tooling needs.