Vectron International announced the release of an ultra low jitter VCSO. The new VS-401 offers 12 fsec of rms jitter over an integrated bandwidth in a 13 x 20 mm footprint. This product is being showcased in Booth 1002 at the IMS 2011 in Baltimore this week.

“Applications today continue to demand higher frequency references with ultra low jitter and phase noise performance" said Alan Mond, Vice President and General Manager, Communication business unit, Vectron. “We continue to invest in our resonator technology that will allow our customers the ability to migrate to higher frequencies and meet their customer’s demanding requirements.

ADC signal to noise ratio is constrained by the broadband jitter of the reference clock, and this constraint grows as frequency of the input signal increases. As analog inputs to the ADC are driven to high IF and even RF frequencies, the need for ultra low jitter reference clocks is growing. The VS-401 provides a high frequency, low phase noise reference source with sub 12 fsec broadband jitter. This reduction in clock jitter allows high performance data converters to meet their full potential in terms of SNR and ENOB, freeing up performance benefits that the designer can take advantage of downstream in their architecture. The product is designed for use in Test and Measurement, Military, Industrial and 100G networking applications.