At IMS 2011 in Baltimore, NXP (Booth 420) will spotlight a newly released high voltage transmitter. The NXP BLF178P is a 1200W LDMOS power transistor targeted for use in broadcast (FM Transmitter) designs as well as industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications in the HF to 110MHz band. This high voltage (43 to 50 V) transistor offers a lower cost alternative to devices currently on the market and provides high gain (26 dB), high power (1200 W) and high efficiency (75 percent). Although characterized to 110 MHz, the BLF178P operates to 500 MHz making it ideal for applications such as military radio, RF jamming, and exciters for MRI and CO2 lasers. This extremely rugged device is housed in a flanged Gemini package.