At IMS in Baltimore, International Manufacturing Services Inc. (Booth 2106) will feature its line of Microstrip and SMT Quadrature Dividers, which was recently expanded to include common center frequencies in S, C, X, Ku and K Bands with operating bandwidths of 10 percent.

The IMD Series Quadrature dividers have typical insertion loss less than 0.4dB and input isolation of 15dB or better. Compact size and high part-to-part performance repeatability make the IMD Series a superior alternative to print-on-board architecture. They are rated at 20W. While IMS has many standard off-the-shelf Quadrature dividers, they can also build dividers to specified center frequencies. More information and samples of the IMD Series dividers are available by visiting or contact the factory.

IMS is a manufacturer and supplier of thick and thin film resistors, terminations, attenuators, planar dividers, planar filters and thermal management devices to the electronics industry.