International Manufacturing Services Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of high quality thick and thin film resistors, terminations, attenuators, planar dividers, planar filters and thermal management devices to the electronics industry, will be highlighting its expanded line of low-loss broadband resistive couplers at IMS 2011. Stop by Booth 2106 to learn more about IMS's wirebondable terminals and alternate configurations.

The IMK Series couplers now come in both forward and reverse facing directions, coupling values from 06dB to 30 dB and are rated at 1W dissipated power and 5W through power. The IMK Series resistive couplers are compact (0.120" x 0.120") alternatives to more complex narrow band couplers. They have been characterized to 20GHz and can exhibit insertion loss less than 1dB loss for nominal values greater than 18dB.