Planar LLC will introduce two new products, OBZOR TR1300/1 Network Analyzer and CABAN 42 Vector Reflectometer, at IMS 2011. Learn more about these virtual instruments that are designed for operation with external PC in Booth 433.

OBZOR TR1300/1 Network Analyzer is a two-port S-parameter vector network analyzer, which represents a low cost solution for magnitude and phase measurements over the frequency of up to 1.3 GHz. It will ensure successful development, adjustment, and testing of various electronic devices in industrial and laboratory facilities. With the weight of just 1.5 kg, it provides the user with high accuracy measurements and a variety of analysis capabilities in frequency and time domains.

CABAN 42 Vector Reflectometer allows performing measurements in coaxial antenna and feeder transmission lines both in laboratory facilities and in field. The power supply and connection to PC are via USB interface. The Reflectometer is implemented in a splash-proof housing, has a wide operating temperature range from -100° to + 500°C, and weighs less than 0.3 kg. CABAN 42 offers the function of measuring the reflection coefficient in time domain. This function allows the user to monitor and measure parameters of connectors and discontinuities in antenna-feeder devices without dismantling them.