Peregrine Semiconductorwill launch a new product at IMS 2011. DuNE Digitally Tunable Capacitors (DTC) will be in the spotlight in Booth 1626.

Peregrine’s PE64904 (SPI) and PE64905 (I2C) DTCs are solid-state, digitally controlled variable capacitors targeting 100 MHz to 3 GHz. These unprecedented UltraCMOS RFICs enable frequency agile tunable matching networks, increasing radiated power and improving antenna performance. Utilizing DuNE DTCs, monolithic tunable filters can also replace antiquated switchable filter banks, reducing radio complexity and cost. Featuring capacitance of 1.05-5.1 pF;131 fF step size; Q~40 for lowest Cap state at high frequency; 2 kV HBM ESD; fast 10μs switching time and low-power operation.