Aeroflex Ltd. has received orders from 4G chipmakerSequans Communications for a significant number of its 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Sets. The initial order has been shipped and will be used across a range of applications in research and development of Sequans LTE chips and software, in LTE TDD pre-conformance testing, and by the company’s field applications engineers to give technical support to its customers.

“We have been particularly impressed by the flexibility of the Aeroflex offering – the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set fulfills all the functions we were looking for within a single box, at a very competitive price,” commented Bertrand Debray, VP research and development at Sequans Communications. “Aeroflex has worked with us to ensure that not only does the instrument have the test coverage we require now, but also that the appropriate software upgrades will be available at the right time to meet the needs of our future roadmap. This purchase reinforces our continuing investment in world class product, supporting our LTE strategy and the requirements of our customers.”

“The Aeroflex 7100 is based on our proprietary Common Platform architecture, and it shares both hardware and software modules with other Aeroflex RF and wireless products and with the PXI 3000 Series of modular instrumentation,” stated Phil Medd, product manager at Aeroflex Limited. “The software upgradeability of the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set has been an important factor in Sequans’ decision to purchase this instrument, as it enables them to budget for purchasing software for new standards and technologies as they need them.”