Imagine having a RF command center that can put the power of RF analysis at your fingertips, with an arsenal of new features designed to let you take control. Now you can master your wireless with the new incarnation of the award-winning Invisible Waves™ pro-audio products from Kaltman Creations…the next generation: the Invisible Waves X generation.

The product will be introduced at the 2011 InfoComm marketplace in Orlando, FL, on June 15-17. The Invisible Waves X™ capitalizes on the successes of its predecessor by adding a suite of controls providing “world-first” RF analysis. Highlighting the array of new features are UFO Alert™ (Unidentified Frequency Objects) to warn of rogue interference, Click to Listen™ (listen-in to all RF space) and RF Coordinator™ to identify usable open RF space. Also included are RF Congestion Scale™ to gauge the severity of local RF and RF Level Alert™ to warn when any cataloged signals fall below assigned thresholds. Other new features are an RF Event/Alarm Recorder™ and Logger, and insta-save and recall custom profiles and screen images.

At the core of the IWX is an easy to use, RF spectrum analyzer. When an interesting wave form (transmission) is detected, use the Click to Listen™ function to aid in identifying the signal; then custom name and catalog the signal into the Master Status Display for continued monitoring including an RF Level Alert™. And use the RF Event Recorder to analyze 24 hours or more of RF activity.

“The new Invisible Waves X™ is akin to having a total RF command center for your wireless microphones, in-ear monitors and intercom,” commented Kaltman Creations President Mark Kaltman.