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Extreme Waves, Inc.
12348 High Bluff Dr., Ste. 100
San Diego CA 92130
United States
Extreme Waves develops high-performance custom phased-arrays and transceivers for SATCOM, 5G, and point-to-point communication links from 8 to 110 GHz. These include X, Ku and Ka-band SATCOM, Ku-band CDL, and all of the 5G frequencies. Their product portfolio also includes low and medium power X, Ku and Ka-band radars (pulsed and FMCW) with multiple phase centers. The company also provides SiGe and CMOS chip design services and chip design reviews. Their customer list includes medium and large commercial and defense companies in the US, and several federal laboratories. The Extreme Waves’ team together has more than 95 years of aggregate experience in phased-arrays and transceivers, with many PhD-level RF engineers on staff. One of their founding members is Prof. Gabriel M. Rebeiz, Member of the National Academy, elected for his work on affordable phased-arrays. Prof. Rebeiz is the inventor of the 2x2 quad silicon beamformer architecture (together with Dr. Julio Navarro, Boeing), which is now widely used in SATCOM, RADAR and 5G systems.
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