Tektronix Inc., a manufacturer of oscilloscopes, announced two new versions of its performance oscilloscope families ranging from 500 MHz to 8 GHz designed to help embedded system design engineers troubleshoot their designs faster than ever before. The new offerings include the DPO7000C Series and new 4, 6 and 8 GHz models in the MSO/DPO/DSA70000C Series. The company also announced its expanded support for MIPI testing with new serial decode solutions for MIPI® Alliance’s CSI-2 and DSI specifications.

These new Tektronix instruments reflect the new reality of electronics design: engineering teams have less time to design products than before, while each engineer’s area of responsibility is increasing. Given the rapid pace of innovation, they simply lack the time to become experts in all areas. As a result, they must increasingly rely on test tools to provide time saving features that allow them to confidently find and solve complex problems.

“The new series of oscilloscopes we’re announcing today provide industry leading tools to speed debug efforts of serial buses found in many embedded system designs,” said Roy Siegel, General Manager, Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “We continue to provide industry-best solutions – such as MIPI serial analysis – to meet the latest challenges. And, we continue to drive innovation on our most popular scopes to support the latest architectures and deliver the comprehensive tools our customers need.”