Siklu is expanding its presence in Europe in response to a growing need among mobile operators to boost network capacity while minimizing costs. The company’s EtherHaul Wireless backhaul solution™ allows mobile operators and service providers to tackle the shortage of bandwidth caused by the dramatic increase in the use of mobile apps commonly referred to as the ‘iPhone effect’. Siklu’s patent-pending innovation offers dramatically increased network capacity to address the bottleneck in bandwidth, while reducing operational and capital expenditure by as much as 80 percent.

According to industry analysts Infonetics, the market for mobile backhaul solutions is predicted to reach $8.2 B by 2014, driven by the explosion in mobile data usage caused by the growth of mobile apps delivered over 3G, 3G+ and 4G technologies like LTE.

Siklu’s CEO, Itzik Ben Bassat, commented, “Many operators are realizing that they are running out of bandwidth and trying to move away from the ‘all-you-can-eat’ approaches of the past, but facing push-back by angry customers. Siklu’s solution is the first to allow operators to de-couple network capacity from cost and offer a solution that is scalable enough to support the 4G applications of the future at a fraction of the cost of traditional backhaul solutions. Siklu’s solution has been deployed by several operators in live networks in Central and Eastern Europe, and further deployments are planned through 2011, as the sales funnel starts to fill up.”

The company’s mobile backhaul solution, which targets the last-mile between the base station and the operator point of presence, has traditionally been addressed by microwave, fiber or copper technology. Siklu’s EtherHaul belongs to the next generation of millimeter-wave or E-band solutions that have the dual benefit of offering high Gigabit-per-second network capacity while relieving frequency congestion by operating at the millimeter-wave frequency spectrum of 71 to 76 GHz. Siklu has drastically overhauled every aspect of the system and introduced an all-silicon design to offer a good price-performance ratio, and its small footprint and low power consumption also make it an environmentally friendly solution.