Texas Instruments Inc. (TI), an industry leader in complete, highly integrated wireless connectivity solutions, introduced a 2.4 GHz ZigBee® network processor with integrated ZigBee PRO software stack. The new CC2530ZNP provides a simple, off-the-shelf ZigBee solution without requiring designers to learn the complexities of a full ZigBee stack. The CC2530ZNP also allows customers the flexibility to use their existing host processor to run application code while the CC2530ZNP supports the networking component of the system. Target applications include home and building automation, industrial monitoring and control, sensor networks and telehealth.

CC2530 ZigBee network processor: features and benefits:

• Integrated ZigBee processor (8051 core) reduces development time by 25 percent.

• Embedded ZigBee PRO stack delivers standardized, robust mesh network and reduces firmware development by 50 percent.

• Compact radio reference design makes it ideal for small form factor end equipment and sensors.

• Low current consumption optimized for sleeping end nodes and battery-operated devices.

• Supports TI’s Z-Stack™ software and SimpleAPI, which has only 10 calls to learn.

• Communicates to host processor via an SPI or UART command interface.

• Best-in-class selectivity and good coexistence with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® devices.

• Compatible devices from TI include the CC2590 and CC2591 2.4 GHz analog front-ends (range extenders), MSP430™ ultra-low-power microcontrollers and Stellaris® ARM™ processors.

The CC2530ZNP is available now in a 6 x 6 mm QFN-40 package and pricing starts at $2.75 in quantities of 1,000 units. Start your evaluation today with a $99 development kit (CC2530ZNP-mini kit).