Remcom announces an updated version of XFdtd® Release 7 (XF7), containing new functionality to shorten simulation setup time and output analysis. Notable enhancements include additional GPU acceleration for XACT Accurate Cell Technology and for plane wave simulations.

Comprehensive improvements extend performance and usability, increasing throughput before and after the simulation:

• XACT Accurate Cell Technology mesh calculations have been accelerated up to 15 times.

• XStream® now supports NVIDIA’s Fermi architecture, the most advanced CUDA-enabled GPU technology available.

• Arbitrary cut-planes facilitate interaction with complex models. These cut-planes are tightly integrated with XF7’s advanced 2D Sketcher, allowing snapping and measuring of cut geometry.

• Single frequency results provide fields with respect to any phase.

• Locators allow easy repositioning of complex CAD geometry.

• Simulation creation features multivariable parameter sweeps using arbitrary value definitions.

Scott Langdon, Product Manager for Remcom’s EM software tools, said, “In recent months there has been intense focus on the time it takes to actually run simulations; however, users must also dedicate significant time to preparing the simulation and to analyzing the output after the computation is complete. We are making improvements to all phases of the typical user workflow to create a better overall experience for customers and to cut extra time wherever we can.”