Ceragon Networks has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract with Mobile Cellular (mcel), the largest mobile telephone operator in Mozambique, reaching all 128 districts of the country. The contract comprises a turnkey solution, with complete radio planning for the backbone network, and an on-site survey to detail all link specifications.

Ceragon’s solutions will form a microwave backbone link that joins the central part of Mozambique to the southern part, from the city of Beira to the capital city of Maputo. The microwave network, which will span 1,000 km (620 miles), will provide secure and reliable wireless transport, ensuring service to the operator’s approximately four million mobile subscribers.

The order includes Ceragon FibeAir® 3200T systems ─ point-to-point trunk solutions for high-capacity data transmission over long distances Installed in an All-Indoor configuration. FibeAir 3200T units are coupled with the high-transmit FibeAir RFU-HP, which increases the hop-length to reduce the number of links required, and further optimizes the network.

“Delivering reliable mobile service to our customers is extremely important to mcel,” said Arlindo Mondlane, mcel CTO. “We selected Ceragon’s products because they are technologically superior, use spectrum efficiently and are highly reliable. Through careful network planning, we will be able to provide high-quality mobile service to our customers as cost-efficiently and as quickly as possible.”

“Ceragon’s microwave systems are practical and economical alternatives to fiber optic lines and are highly reliable point-to-point backbone transmission systems,” said Ira Palti, President and CEO of Ceragon. “Our solutions are ideal for fast-growing mobile networks such as mcel’s, scaling to meet future needs, and offering high reliability to customers in developing countries.”