EB, a developer of embedded technology solutions for automotive and wireless industries, presents EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator with Aerospace and Satellite channel emulation Option (ASO) for aerospace and defense applications at the Milcom 2010 Conference. The EB Propsim F8 ASO capability further strengthens EB’s position as a top solution provider for realistic, reliable and repeatable end-to-end testing of airborne and aerospace wireless communication links in laboratory conditions.

The EB Propsim radio channel emulator ASO is designed specifically for the creation of realistic radio channel models for airborne or space radio communications, including avionics as well as missile, satellite and space communications. The newly developed solution allows for longer and more realistic emulation runs than traditional emulations. Developers and system experts can now test the wireless connection at a fraction of the original cost in a laboratory with link emulations based on accurate pre-calculated channel scenarios.

"By using the advanced military and aerospace testing capabilities of the EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator, our customers are able to effectively test advanced aircraft and aerospace communications, along with military applications such as missile control and multisystem testing,” said Jouni Saastamoinen, Director of Business Development at EB Wireless Communications Tools. "With the ability to accurately test real-world conditions, the industry, agencies and defense organizations can more effectively develop solutions for safer and more secure communications, as well as improved defense, navigation and security technologies.”

Numerous aviation and military customers have been utilizing the EB Propsim ASO solution for recreating environments in the laboratory to test and verify the performance of communications systems during the critical stages of launch, flight, space station docking procedures and landing of a spacecraft, as well as in mid-air communication and flight navigation. This way the functionality of critical communication systems prior to the launch can be ensured with extreme accuracy prior to field testing.

EB's Propsim radio channel emulator products offer world-class signal fidelity. Thanks to the file-based emulation of test scenarios, 100 percent repeatability guarantees realistic radio channel emulation for wireless communications applications used in the aerospace and defense sectors as well as mobile broadband, military, telemetry and satellite communications.

EB Propsim F8 with ASO capability is immediately available for deliveries.