A member of the RT Logic Telemetrix® product line, the Telemetrix 400 Channel Simulator (T400CS) addresses a broad range of IF and RF hardware-in-the-loop test, operational, and training applications.

The T400CS creates RF and IF signals that precisely match those that occur when transmitters and receivers are in motion with respect to one another. The T400CS eliminates the need for actual motion and distance, producing channel effects that precisely duplicate nature. This enables comprehensive test and training activities without actual flights (satellites, missiles, UAVs, targets, aircraft, etc.).

Channel effects include smooth, phase-continuous carrier and signal Doppler shift, range delay, range attenuation, fading, and noise. In addition, multiple test and/or interference signals can be generated.

A comprehensive set of frequency up/downconverters is also available, allowing signals to be generated or received at RF. The T400CS can be cable connected to devices under test, or with amplifiers, signal conditioners, and antennas, can produce short-range or long-range on-air signals.

Local and remote control is facilitated through the T400CS client/server software architecture. Local control is provided by RT Logic client software, with remote control capabilities including Analytical Graphics, Inc.’s STK software and userwritten applications sending ASCII and binary commands over an Ethernet connection to the instrument. Users may also develop their own channel simulation profile files.

The T400CS is a general purpose RF and IF test and measurement instrument for communications system- and component-level testing and verification, both in the laboratory and in the field.

Key applications include:

• Flight system and ground system testing for satellite, UAV, missile, and target applications

• Telemetry tracking system verification for test ranges

• Reference signal and interference signal generation on-air or in the laboratory

• Compliance testing

• Performance testing

• Diversity combining testing

• Training and education

• Realistic loop-back testing

The RT Logic Telemetrix Link Simulation and Test Equipment products provide flexible, cost-effective solutions for communications link test applications. Applications in SATCOM, satellite, and missile link testing benefit from using these systems either in stand-alone mode or as part of a larger, fully integrated test suite. Providing RF link fidelity performance testing, training, simulations and BER loopback testing.