AtlantecRF, the UK-based microwave components and equipment manufacturer, considers that its new amplifier could possibly be the most versatile in the world in that it is capable of operating over a temperature range from -269°C (4K) to +100°C at frequencies from 1 to 20 GHz.

Model AOX-010200 is a miniature, small signal, low noise amplifier module typically producing 27 dB gain and +13 dBm P1 output power across a multi-octave bandwidth. Noise figure is typically 2.5 dB at 5 GHz and +25°C. This reduces to 0.5 dB at the cryogenic temperature of 4K. At saturation, power output levels rise to +15 dBm at 5 GHz and third-order intercept is typically at +28 dBm. The amplifier will operate over a range of DC voltages from +5 to +8 V and draws a maximum of 150 mA current.

The MIC design utilizes GaAs PHEMT distributed amplifier MMIC technology, together with proprietary matching circuits within a robust lightweight aluminum alloy housing measuring just 31.4 by 23.4 by 10.0 mm, and is fitted with SMA female stainless steel connectors, which can be supplied either passivated or gold plated.

The standard housing has screw fixings to the lid and is suitable for most applications within protected environments, but a laser welded option is available for military applications, where the amplifier is required to operate unprotected from -55° to +85°C.

Geoff Burling, AtlantecRF CEO, said, “Using innovative techniques we have created an amplifier module that is suitable for applications in telecommunications, Satcoms, radar, countermeasures, EMC, test and measurement, radio astronomy and other highly demanding commercial and military systems”.

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