SAGE Millimeter Releases V-Band, Dual Polarized Antenna Horn Assembly

Dual Polarized Horn Antenna: SAR-5037531530-15-S1-DP

SAGE Millimeter has released a V-Band, dual polarized horn antenna assembly covering 50 to 75 GHz. The antenna features an integrated orthomode transducer (OMT) that provides high port isolation and cross-polarization cancellation, enabling the antenna to separate a circular or elliptical polarized waveform into two linear, orthogonal waveforms. At the center frequency, the horn antenna has 15 dBi nominal gain and a typical half-power beamwidth of 28 degrees on the E-plane and 33 degrees on the H-plane.

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Flexible Waveguide Line

Flexible Waveguide LineAs an addition to its passive waveguide product offering, SAGE Millimeter, Inc. has released a line of flexible waveguides to cover 18 to 50 GHz. The flexible waveguide line is manufactured with a precision machining process to ensure high quality and ruggedness. Furthermore, all standard models feature a vulcanized silicone rubber jacket for added protection and reliability. 

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Series of Broadband Circulators and Isolators

SAGE Millimeter Inc. has released a series of broadband circulators and isolators that cover the frequency range of 71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz. The circulators, models SNW-7137630818-12-C1 and SNW-8138630818-12-C1, and isolators, models SNW-7137630818-12-I1 and SNW-8138630818-12-I1, provide a low insertion loss of 0.8 dB maximum, a minimum isolation of 18 dB, and a short insertion length for system integration. 

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Ka-Band Omnidirectional Antenna: SAO-2832930610-28-S1

sage miage 6dea8e03-e216-414e-9502-2c8da44bf1dcModel SAO-2832930610-28-S1 is a WR-28 omnidirectional antenna that operates between 28 and 29 GHz. This vertically polarized antenna offers 360 degrees azimuth coverage with 6 dB gain and ±3 dB gain flatness. The antenna features a half power beamwidth of 10 degrees in the vertical direction. The actual operating frequency of this omnidirectional antenna is much broader.

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E Band, Waveguide Bandpass Filter: SWF-74305350-12-B1

#6 Sage release for mayModel SWF-74305350-12-B1 is an E band, waveguide bandpass filter that is used to pass the frequency range of 71 to 76 GHz, while rejecting the frequency range of DC to 67 GHz and 81 to 90 GHz. The nominal insertion loss of the bandpass filter is 2 dB and the typical rejection is 50 dB. The standard interface offers WR-12 waveguides with UG-387/U flanges. Various custom models are available.

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W-Band Receiver: SSR-9630831560-10-S1

5---2015-44, SSR-9630831560-10-S1, 92 to 100 GHz ReceiverModel SSR-9630831560-10-S1 is a W-Band receiver. The receiver has a typical conversion gain of 15 dB with a typical RF input power of -60 dBm in the frequency range of 92 to 100 GHz and an IF output frequency range of DC to 4 GHz. The required LO power and frequency range are +5 dBm and 16.0 GHz . The LO and IF port are both equipped with female SMA connectors and the RF port is a WR-12 waveguide with a UG-387/U flange.

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