Articles by Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.

Frequency Discriminator: FD-30M-6M-1515

PMI Model No: FD-30M-6M-1515 is a frequency discriminator that operates at a center frequency of 30 MHz.  It has a peak to peak bandwidth of 10 MHz and a linear bandwidth of 6 MHz minimum with a dynamic range of -10 to -0 dBm.  The sensitivity into 50 Ohms is 1000 mV/MHz.  This device offers a maximum rise time of 120 ns and the size is 4.63" x 1.50" x 0.47".

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Quadrature Coupler: QC-5D3G6G

PMI Model No. QC-5D3G6G is a quadrature coupler that operates over the frequency range of 5.3 to 6.0 GHz.  This model provides low loss of 1 dB and an isolation of 18 dB minimum.  The VSWR is 1.4:1 maximum into a 50 ohm impedance.  The amplitude balance is ±0.7 dB maximum and the phase balance is ±5° maximum. 

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Pin Diode Attenuator: DTA-2G18G-60-CD-2-OPT-1G18G

DTA-2G18G-60-CD-2-OPT-1G18G is a non-reflective, 10 BIT, programmable 60 dB, pin diode attenuator with step resolution as low as 0.06 dB over the frequency range of 1.0 to 18.0 GHz. Specifications include insertion loss of 4.5 dB; VSWR 2.0:1 maximum; attenuation accuracy of ±1.0 dB at 0 to 20 dB, ±1.5 dB at 20 to 40 dB and ±2.0 dB at 40 to 60 dB; typical attenuation flatness of ±1.0 dB at 20 dB, ±1.25 dB at 40 dB and ±3.0 dB at 60 dB; switching speed 1.0 µs.

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