Articles by Sherry Hess, AWR Corp.

The Mechanics of Creativity

Design is an inherently creative process, but how can we be creative on demand? How can we rise above mundane tasks with flashes of brilliance, discover secrets of technical and business creativity and calculated risk taking, and share stories of innovation?
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Are you a Do'er?

Last October I attended a three-day conference called Business of Software (BoS) in Boston. AWR's CEO Dane Collins had attended it for the past two years and I wanted to as well, but my travel schedule always conflicted. So, by year three, I was determined to go and had long beforehand blacked out the dates on my calendar.
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IMS 2010 MicroApps: Diversity in Microwaves

The Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps)—scheduled for the Anaheim Convention Center, May 25-27, 2010, as part of IEEE-IMS/MTT-S—are a series of concise technical presentations given by exhibitors that are distinct and separate yet complementary to the IEEE technical sessions. MicroApps are engineering topics of interest to the microwave community and...
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