Aeroflex Inc. has chosen to expand the operations of its Scio Township-based affiliate, Aeroflex/INMET, a manufacturer of passive coaxial components for use in wireless communication applications. Aeroflex/INMET was approved for state tax credits by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority board, with support from Ann Arbor SPARK and the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

As part of Aeroflex/INMET's expansion in the Ann Arbor region, Aeroflex Inc. will consolidate operations from its affiliated New Jersey facility, with Aeroflex/INMET beginning to manufacture the resistor product line. The new resistor product line includes a comprehensive variety of low and high power surface mounted passive devices utilizing resistive film technology for the wireless infrastructure and defense markets.

Aeroflex/INMET designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of passive coaxial components in a variety of wireless communication applications associated with both defense and commercial markets. The company considered remaining at its current New Jersey location as well as expanding at an alternate site in New Hampshire before choosing the Ann Arbor region.

In order to accommodate the relocated work from an affiliated New Jersey facility, Aeroflex/INMET, which was founded in Scio Township, MI in 1976, will make significant capital investments, including new space, and new machinery and equipment. The company will renovate its current space and make extensive improvements to the new space, including specialized plumbing, electrical, ventilation and HVAC systems.

Aeroflex/INMET has plans to create 47 new jobs in the Ann Arbor region over the next five years. Additionally, the company plans to invest over $3 M in capital investments.