Avago Technologies has announced new high linear power amplifier modules that feature low power consumption and improves signal quality for WiMAX and WiFi applications that operate in the 2 GHz range. This PA series features high linear Pout for good linearity and low distortion, high power added efficiency (PAE), as well as input and output pre-match for matching and application simplicity.

The MGA-43x28 PA module series, which are housed in a miniature 5 by 5 by 0.85 mm package, are designed for use as a final stage PA in a wide range of high power WiMAX, WLAN and LTE applications that operate in the 2300 to 2700 MHz spectrum. The modules have the same package footprint, pin-out and external matching network to allow a common printed circuit board design when used at different frequencies.

Additionally, this series of PAs comes with an integrated bypass switch controlled attenuator that provides attenuation of ~24.0 dB, along with a built-in power detector. In a typical operating environment of 5 V and 1 A, the MGA-43228 delivers performance of 29.1 dBm linear Pout at 2.5 percent error vector magnitude, 38.5 dB gain and 16 percent PAE at 2400 MHz. Under the same operating conditions, the MGA-43328 delivers a performance of 29.3 dBm linear Pout at 2.5 percent EVM, 37.3 dB gain and 16 percent PAE at 2600 MHz.