MBDA and BUMAR have signed a framework agreement on a joint project to modernize Poland’s ground based air defenses. Long term co-operation will permit significant exchanges of technology between the two partners and the optimization of investments already made. The new system will draw on elements of MBDA’s short-range VL MICA and medium-range Aster 30 missiles with other major subsystems such as the radars and the command and control systems developed by Przemysłowy Instytut Telekomunikacji (PIT) – the Warsaw-based telecommunications research institute – and RADWAR (one of several companies within the BUMAR group, which is Poland’s largest defense equipment manufacturer).

The agreement, covering the development, production, delivery and marketing of the future air defense missile system, confirms and advances MBDA’s relationship with BUMAR. In September 2007, MBDA signed an agreement with the leading elements of the Polish defense industry including PIT and RADWAR, which was aimed at establishing the means of meeting the country’s national air defense requirements as well as its NATO and European commitments over the next two decades.

Referring to this latest agreement, Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, said, "This agreement with BUMAR is a further confirmation of the export success of our MICA and Aster product ranges. More significantly, however, it shows Poland's readiness to be fully involved in European co-operation. I am delighted, therefore, that MBDA, as Europe's leading integrated defense company, should have a major role in this development."