TDC Mobile A/S, Denmark’s largest mobile operator, and NEC are working together for the potential roll-out of the NEC Femtocell solution in late 2009. The scope of engagement includes a user trial involving several Femtocell Access Points deployed in consumer locations and connected to TDC’s commercial core network system.

The Femtocell roll-out will offer TDC customers a small low-power plug-and-play consumer device (Femtocell Access Point) that will enable the provision of localized 3G coverage and dedicated capacity in their home while using their broadband connection as a backhaul.

Flemming Hynkemejer, CTO of TDC Mobile A/S, commented, “Femtocell technology promises to provide our customers with a number of advantages, primarily improved 3G coverage and capacity indoors. This will give them an even better experience and access to more services. This is TDC’s first Femtocell trial in Denmark and we are excited to be leading the field.”

Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of NEC Scandinavia AB, added, “We are very pleased that TDC has chosen us for its Femtocell trials. Femtocell is a very interesting area in which we see great potential for many operators, especially with regards to relieving the pressure on the 3G networks. It will facilitate the delivery of new services and features to customers, producing new revenue streams. Moreover, the technology is of great advantage to the end-user who will benefit from perfect reception for both voice calls and data traffic in their own homes. This technology is set to change the way we use our mobile handsets.”