Agilent Technologies Inc. announced that ST Microelectronics has selected Agilent's physical layer sink test solution to test its devices according to the MIPI D-PHY standard. This test setup provides the industry's first and complete automated physical layer receiver and transmitter tests, and also speeds up and simplifies test.

Agilent's solution passed ST Microelectronics' rigorous evaluation process, which focused on test capabilities and the amount of automation provided. The main components of the solution ST Microelectronics selected include the Agilent ParBERT 81250A as generator, an Infiniium 90000A Series oscilloscope, a 81150A pulse function arbitrary noise generator as noise source and the N5990A test automation software platform.

"We are very pleased with the technical capabilities, flexibility and versatility of the Agilent solution," said Pierre Guenard, Validation Lab manager with ST Microelectronics. "Using Agilent's hardware and the N5990A software of Agilent's partner BitifEye will allow us to test the emerging MIPI D-PHY standard, reduce test time and increase throughput."

"We are excited that ST Microelectronics selected our solution for MIPI D-PHY testing," said Christian Hennes, ST global account manager at Agilent. "Agilent and BitifEye are committed to help drive the future of the MIPI D-PHY interface and will stay focused to address the needs of our MIPI customers in the future, too."