The Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has selected Agilent’s E6474A wireless network test platform for its M-Taiwan WiMAX Applications Lab (MTWAL), which is a WiMAX Forum® Applications Lab.

Mobile WiMAX™ is the high-performance mobile communication network, and telecommunications operators around the world are aggressively deploying WiMAX systems. Carriers in emerging markets, such as India and Taiwan, are racing to deploy these networks. The six operators in Taiwan that won WiMAX operating licenses last year are expected to roll out their networks and provide commercial services in the second half of 2008. ITRI will use Agilent's WiMAX test systems to enable this rollout.

"We are excited to include Agilent's E6474A wireless network test platform to ensure that the quality of service information is monitored in our WiMAX system deployment and operations," said Ching-Tarng Hsieh, engineering director of the Information and Communications Laboratories at ITRI, and director of the WiMAX Forum’s Taiwan Office. "WiMAX technology and services will play an important role in ensuring that consumers have access to broadband services in this region."

I-Lung Shen, general manager, Agilent's Electronic Measurements Group, Taiwan, commented, "ITRI is a research pioneer in Taiwan's communications industry. We are honored to collaborate with ITRI to promote research on the deployment of the Mobile WiMAX network in Taiwan. The Mobile WiMAX network also marks an important milestone for Taiwan in the developing global communications industry."