The Micromanipulator Co., a supplier of analytical probing solutions for semiconductor wafer testing, announced that it has entered into a collaborative business development alliance with Presto Engineering, San Jose, CA. Presto provides product engineering services to the semiconductor industry. The primary objective of this alliance is to enhance access to Presto’s wafer-level advanced in-silicon analysis services for customers needing 300 millimeter wafer probing support. Micromanipulator and Presto can now offer probing support services to integrated device manufacturers (IDM) and fabless semiconductor manufacturers, which are broadly represented in Silicon Valley. Under this agreement, the Presto facilities in San Jose, California will also serve as a product demonstration site for Micromanipulator.

Frank Gazzano, President of Micromanipulator, commented, “As we continue to expand the worldwide adoption of our P300A and P300J 300 mm systems, we are pleased to partner with a firm like Presto, which shares our interest in applications development to meet Reliability, Product Integration and Failure Analysis requirements among our IDM and fabless semiconductor customer base.”

“Our customers have a critical need for advanced probing solutions on 300 mm wafers. This is especially true for fabless companies looking to conduct thorough wafer-level characterization prior to packaging,” said Michel Villemain, Presto’s CEO. “Within days of installation of the P300J from Micromanipulator, we successfully commenced 12-inch wafer probing with a customer’s new 65nm design, utilizing the advanced control and thermal features of the station. We are very pleased to offer this additional capability here at our lab.”

The alliance emphasizes the importance of Presto Engineering’s in-silicon analysis capabilities as part of the company’s Design Success Analysis™ offering for process technologies down to the 45nm node. In-silicon analysis includes: emission microscopy, laser-based power investigations, leakage and interconnect characterization, internal timing measurement, and focused ion-beam (FIB) circuit edit. Micromanipulator’s 300 mm probe station is a critical addition to the analytical tool set at Presto.