Presto Engineering Inc., a world leader in semiconductor product engineering and supply chain management, and Peraso Technologies, a leading wireless chipset manufacturer, jointly announced their successful collaboration in developing a comprehensive test solution for Peraso’s recently-launched 60 GHz semiconductor products.

The Peraso chipset is currently in full mass production with Presto providing test services at volumes of tens of thousands of parts per month. The announced solution is the first phase of a project that will culminate in a high-efficiency test solution – 40X faster and capable of supporting high-volume production (millions of devices per month) for the consumer electronics market – planned for later this year. The 60 GHz spectrum provides the foundation for WiGig® technology, and with the increased demand for faster wireless connectivity, is quickly changing how users stream and connect to the Internet.

“Presto contributed expertise in high-frequency RF testing that was absolutely essential in our collaboration,” said Ron Glibbery, CEO of Peraso Technologies. “Together, we were able to develop an innovative solution that provides reliable testing at speeds and costs sufficient to support our infrastructure integrated circuits. We are well on our way to completing a test solution that will reduce the cost of test by another 40X and support the high growth we anticipate with the introduction of products into the consumer electronics market.”

“This collaboration with Peraso allowed us to combine our extensive experience in RF test with Peraso's expertise in 60 GHz ICs to develop a solution for high-speed/low-cost testing where none previously existed,” said Michel Villemain, CEO of Presto Engineering. “We have already made significant progress in the next phase of the development that will offer significantly reduced test times and an overall lower cost of test. The successful collaboration demonstrates the benefits we provide to fabless manufacturers, ranging from test services to comprehensive supply chain management.”

The Peraso X610 WiGig® chipset constitutes a complete baseband to 60 GHz solution and is compliant with the single carrier modulation and coding schemes of the IEEE 802.11ad specification. Incorporating the PRS4601 WiGig® baseband IC and the PRS1126 WiGig® transceiver, the chipset provides the core functionality for a low-cost, high-performance multi-gigabit per second solution that operates across the industrial temperature range. As manufacturers continue to seek solutions to bring WiGig®-enabled devices quickly to market, Presto and Peraso remain at the forefront, driving down the cost and implementation time with this revolutionary test solution. 

The testbed is comprised of a set of custom hardware components mounted on an automated test equipment (ATE) load board, and associated test programs, that together provide comprehensive automated testing of both baseband (~2 GHz) and high frequency (60 GHz) functionality.

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