Symmetricom Inc., a leader in precise time and frequency technologies, announced the TimeProviderT 500, an access timing device based on the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588 v2 standard. The TimeProvider 500 translator enables existing wireless base stations (GSM/UMTS) to use next generation IP based backhaul (such as Gigabit Ethernet), and not be tied to T1/E1 lines for their synchronization needs.

The TimeProvider 500 delivers cost-effective and reliable frequency synchronization. Symmetricom has also released a comprehensive set of resource materials designed to help telecommunications service providers and mobile operators maximize their return on investment and minimize service disruptions when deploying packet-based mobile backhaul networks.

"Symmetricom's TimeProvider 500 is a PTP 'client in a box,' which allows operators to smoothly and simply transition to Next Generation Ethernet without disrupting network synchronization at the base station," said Gurdip Jande, senior vice president of marketing at Symmetricom. "The TimeProvider 500 translates 1588 timing packets to a stable T1/E1 output for timing at the base station. By eliminating the need to upgrade base stations for timing purposes, operators can now cost effectively deploy Ethernet backhaul to optimize bandwidth and performance."

With PTP IEEE 1588 v2, different end devices in an Ethernet network can be synchronized, allowing operators to distribute precise time and frequency throughout the network in order to maintain and assure service levels supported by traditional TDM networks. The TimeProvider 500 translator system has two T1/E1 outputs to synchronize equipment in wireless base stations, street cabinets and remote terminals.

The TimeProvider 500 translator system is part of Symmetricom's TimeProvider family of end-to-end PTP solutions, which also includes TimeProviderT 5000 IEEE 1588 v2 carrier-class grandmaster clock. The TimeProvider 500 is expected to be available in the third quarter of calendar 2008.