Components Catalog

Maury has a 146-page catalog covering the company’s entire line of precision coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits, microwave components and adapters, manual tuners, torque wrenches and connector gage kits. Entries feature detailed specifications, dimensional drawings, photographs, flange diagrams, ordering information and key reference materials. The catalog provides everything engineers need to find the best components for their applications. An interactive version of the catalog is available at the company website.

Maury Microwave Corp.
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715

RS No. 325

RF Test Probes

The new RF Test Probe catalog from INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH is a unique and time-saving reference manual and therefore a global innovation on the radio-frequency market. The plug/jack register guides you to the recommended RF test probe for your application. With just one step, engineers can find the matching solution. The catalog shows the special variants and the application versatility of INGUN RF test probes for 2, 4 and 6 GHz applications.

INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH
Konstanz, Germany
+49 7531 8105-62

RS No. 326

Coaxial Connectors

The 2007/2008 Huber+Suhner coaxial connectors general catalog is now available. The company is a leading supplier of RF connectors for signal (voice and data) transmissions, with many years of experience engineering and producing coaxial connectors. Standard connectors, and those designed according to customer specifications, are used in a diverse range of applications.

Huber+Suhner AG
Herisau, Switzerland
+41 71 353 4111

RS No. 327

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

MegaPhase designs and manufactures high frequency precision coaxial cable assemblies to 67 GHz for test and system applications. MegaPhase products are space qualified and have military heritage. The Warrior cable is a rugged, field proven RF antenna cable for electronic countermeasures with over 80,000 cables fielded. The VN Series Test Cable is a low-cost alternative to OEM test cables. Low loss, and phase and amplitude stability are expected from MegaPhase products. To get a full catalog, go to the MegaPhase website.

MegaPhase LLC
Stroudsburg, PA
(570) 424-8400

RS No. 328

Metal-clad Fiber

Available only from Micro-Coax, ARACON® brand metal-clad fibers combine the conductivity of an outer metal coating with the strength, lightweight and flexibility of aramid fibers. Braided into an overbraid or shield, ARACON fibers offer superior performance against electromagnetic interference while yielding a 50% or greater weight savings over braided copper wire.

Pottstown, PA
(610) 495-0110

RS No. 329

Semiconductor Test Equipment

Rosenberger’s new brochure contains detailed information on its newly developed products for the semiconductor test equipment market. Test products such as microwave pogo assemblies and RF-PCB connections—for versatile applications up to 40 GHz—can be used in numerous configurations to achieve the density and frequency requirements of new chip testing devices. Rosenberger’s full product range includes RF-coaxial connectors in all common worldwide standards.

Fridolfing, Germany
+49-86 84-18 0

RS No. 330

Coaxial Surge Protectors

Spinner has completely revised its product catalog of coaxial surge protectors and now offers an extended premium choice of different protection elements for coaxial systems. It covers all relevant RF applications for which a surge protection is necessary. Spinner connector and cable assemblies are used worldwide in a large variety of communication facilities. The company offers a broad range of cost-efficient standardized products as well as specialized solutions for the most diverse applications.

Spinner GmbH
Munich, Germany
+49 89 12601-0

RS No. 331

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

M/A-COM’s coaxial cable assemblies catalog covers high performance products for electronic warfare, space, commercial aviation, test and special purpose applications. It includes selection guides, datasheets, insertion loss graphs, adaptors, connectors and application notes. More information is available at the company website.

Tyco Electronics, M/A-COM Products
Lowell, MA
(978) 442-5000

RS No. 332

Semi-rigid Cable Products

This new data sheet features the company’s Maximizer line of high performance semi-rigid cable products, available as custom assemblies, straight lengths, or coils. Options include phase stable, low loss Maximizer Gold products and low loss, RG replacement Maximizer Silver products. The data sheet includes mechanical and electrical product specifications; IL, phase vs. temperature and power handling graphs; and design considerations.

Teledyne Storm Products
Woodridge, IL
(630) 754-3361

RS No. 333

RF/Microwave Products

Tensolite’s Connectors, Cables and Assemblies catalog is a reliable resource for high performance interconnect products. Renowned for quality and service, the products in this catalog display the wide range available to choose from for next generation systems. Vertical integration and extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure that quality and on-time delivery are never compromised.

Tensolite Co.
St. Augustine, FL
(904) 824-6706

RS No. 334

Signal Processing Components

This 144-page catalog offers comprehensive listings of RF, IF and microwave components with essential performance specifications for each product. In addition to the extensive component data, the catalog also provides a listing of Mini-Circuits’ patents and the product model numbers to which they apply, as well as a complete listing of the National Stock Number (NSN) Guide for Mini-Circuits’ considerable component collection.

Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500

RS No. 335

RF and Microwave Connectors

Volume 6 of Delta Electronics Manufacturing’s full-line catalog contains over 200 pages of information on over 30 series of RF and microwave connectors, ranging in size from microminiature to large, high-power connectors. Along with common connector types, the catalog features many hard-to-find series, and a large selection of MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors and MIL-PRF-55339 qualified adapters.

Delta Electronics Manufacturing
Beverly, MA
(978) 927-1060

RS No. 336