The European Commission has selected a consortium led by Thales to develop OSIRIS—Open architecture for Smart and Interoperable networks in Risk management based on In-situ Sensors, the first integrated service of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) programme. GMES will create an EU-wide capability to acquire, analyse, process and distribute information in support of European environment and security directives.

From 2008, GMES will provide services based on data from satellites and a range of in-situ sensors including seismographs, water analysers and air analysers to improve Europe’s environment and, in turn, the quality of life for its citizens. With a total budget of €11 M, the OSIRIS project calls for the definition, development and testing of an integrated real-time surveillance and crisis management system. The system will significantly enhance Europe’s ability to monitor environmental crises and manage and coordinate related operations and emergency responses.

The proposed architecture is open and scalable to allow for easy integration of new data from satellites and other sources to further improve the quality of service.

The OSIRIS programme is a prime illustration of the integrated services concept underpinning the European GMES system, which will provide the secure information and communication system architecture needed to deliver functions ranging from earth observation to end user services.