SUNNYVALE, CA--Endwave Corporation has announced today the commercial introduction of a new integrated transceiver board solution that is designed to eliminate 30% of the typical mechanical packaging cost from conventional modules, while preserving 100% of electrical performance. The proprietary packaging technique used is called Epsilon PackagingTM. In addition to cost reduction, Epsilon Packaging significantly reduces the size and weight of a typical transceiver subassembly. This is accomplished by replacing heavy-weight metal mechanical items with plated FR-4 and injection molded metallized plastics. The Epsilon Packaging approach also enables mixed technology integration, allowing MMIC, chip-on-board (COB), and surface mount technology (SMT) components to co-exist, thus easing assembly and yielding further cost reductions. Crosstalk between receiver and transmitter sections has been addressed through a sophisticated high isolation trenching technique, while reflow issues have been resolved through extensive temperature profiling and new plating and assembly methods. An integrated transceiver board produced with Epsilon Packaging reflects the following typical performance (characteristics at 24 GHz shown as an example): Receiver noise figure less than 5 dB Transmit Output Power over +27 dBm Transmit-to-Receive isolation over 70 dB. MTBF > 50 years Custom-engineered options include on-board local oscillators, LO frequency multiplier chains (X2 to X12), provision for loop-back and/or BIT detection, higher output power, and other functionality. Operating temperature range is -45° to +85° C. Endwave transceiver solutions with Epsilon Packaging are geared towards microwave and millimeter-wave applications, where low cost, light weight, and small form-factor are essential. They are available with a variety of input/output connector options including edge mount, coax, waveguide, and various DC connector harnesses. Typical applications include homeland security sensors, point-to-point radio, battlefield communications, and intelligent automotive cruise control radars. The Epsilon Packaging approach is also available in amplifiers, switches mixers, multipliers, and custom-designed multi-function modules.