GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA - August 1, 2007 - RF Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: RFMD), a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance radio systems and solutions for applications that drive mobile communications, today announced that Gartner, Inc. has identified RFMD as the world's number-one supplier of select RF devices, based on global revenue of $933 million for 2006. RFMD advanced one position, compared to its previous ranking as the number-two supplier in Gartner's prior year report. According to the July 2007 report, entitled, "Market Share: Select Semiconductors for Mobile and Cordless Phones, Worldwide, 2006," Gartner also concluded that RFMD increased its 2006 market share as the number-one worldwide supplier of power amplifier and front end modules, based on revenue. RFMD was also ranked sixth largest supplier of select mobile and cordless semiconductor baseband and RF devices, and, for the first time, RFMD was listed on Gartner's ranking of the top ten companies shipping transceivers, worldwide. Eric Creviston, RFMD Corporate Vice President of Cellular Products, said, "We believe Gartner's independent, third-party research highlights the success of our focus on the RF semiconductor market and our number-one market share in the industry's highest growth, next-generation wireless standards. We anticipate strong sequential revenue growth in next-generation cellular air standards, such as WCDMA/ 3G multimode, as well as continued overall strength across our cellular front end portfolio. We are pleased to enter Gartner's top-ten ranking of transceiver suppliers, and we expect our recently launched POLARIS(tm) 3 RF solution will extend our number-one position in RF semiconductors as it ramps this quarter and grows throughout calendar 2008. Additionally, RFMD is the world's leading supplier of wireless local area network (WLAN) front ends for handsets, and we expect our WLAN front end portfolio will contribute increasingly to revenue as WLAN adoption continues to grow." "Overall, we believe our investments in manufacturing scale, systems-level design expertise, process development and new enabling technologies, such as MEMS, integrated RF shielding and wafer level packaging, are distancing RFMD from other market participants and extending our opportunities for incremental growth in multiple, high-growth markets."