Cassidian has introduced the new SPEXER™ 2000 Coastal radar which aims to open up completely new opportunities for the wide-area protection of coastlines, maritime infrastructure and harbours against asymmetric threats.

“SPEXER 2000 Coastal is the worldwide first security radar using the latest radar technology of Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) which provides a multi-tasking and multi-mode capability and increases the detection and target assessment capability substantially”, explained Elmar Compans, Head of Cassidian Sensors & Electronic Warfare. "Therefore, one SPEXER 2000 Coastal can replace two or more conventional radars."

With an instrumented range of 40 km, the SPEXER 2000 Coastal’s high Doppler and velocity resolution as well as its high sea clutter suppression, enables it to detect, track and classify even very small and slow moving objects such as swimmers and rubber dinghies, as well as fast objects such as speed boats. Due to a unique signal processing architecture, the radar is able to reliably detect sea, land and air targets. Therefore, the deployment of different sensors for simultaneous land and sea surveillance is rendered unnecessary. In addition, a camera can be cued to the radar in order to identify suspicious objects.

This ensures a superior surveillance performance and a high level of situational awareness providing security forces in a littoral environment with additional reaction time towards illicit intrusions.