Modelithics Inc., a provider of high-precision measurements and models for microwave/RF design simulation would like to thank its customers and partners as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary. Entrepreneurs Tom Weller and Larry Dunleavy founded Modelithics in 2001 to better address the industry-wide need for improved simulation models for RF & Microwave circuit design.

What started as an incubator company on the University of South Florida campus now provides characterization services and models across the globe. Their premier product -- The Modelithics COMPLETE Library -- is a software compilation of linear and non-linear models for electronic design automation software like the Agilent Advanced Design System and Genesys suites and AWR’s Microwave Office. The Modelithics COMPLETE Library now represents more than 6500 active and passive devices. Modelithics’ track record has earned them recognition throughout the industry as experts on precision measurements and models that design engineers trust.

“During the past 10 years we have remained focused on providing the most technologically advanced services and high quality, well-documented models along with unparalleled support to our customers,” said Larry Dunleavy, President and Founder of Modelithics. “I believe our team of dedicated experts who focus on outstanding customer service is the key to our success. We expect the next ten years to be even more successful. However, to better serve our customers we have contracted a third party market research firm to perform an industry-wide survey about modeling needs and how Modelithics may be an even more helpful resource to the design community.''