Amphenol RF, a division of the Amphenol corporation, announced the introduction of HD-BNC™, the newest line of small form factor RF connectors designed to support rapidly growing demand for high bandwidth, high reliability interconnection in the broadcast and telecommunications industries.

The high-density BNC series (HD-BNC) is based on the familiar quarter-turn BNC coupling connector pioneered by Amphenol in the late 1940s, but with patented design advancements that permit a four-fold reduction in footprint and more than 20 percent reduction in weight while maintaining true 75 ohm performance and the robust mechanical properties expected from a BNC interface. The Amphenol HD-BNC was developed in a close collaboration with leading industry equipment makers and system integrators to address the most common issues with conventional high density solutions including interface robustness, and signal loss related to long cable runs. Designed from inception for true 75 ohm performance up to 3 GHz per smpte-292m and 424m standards, Amphenol’s solution also permits an extended ceiling of 6 GHz for high bandwidth requirements of future systems while maintaining performance under the high degree of mechanical stress created by typical ganged cable applications. Crimp style plugs for common broadcast cables are available, along with the necessary adapters and jumpers for evaluation and test using conventional equipment and industry standard field termination tools. The HD-BNC interface has been proposed as an open-source industry standard. The new HD-BNC standard provides improved electrical performance and benefits of a traditional BNC twist-lock in a fraction of the space.