Avago Technologies has announced new power amplifier modules (PAM) that extend handset talk time for GSM/EDGE communication. The new ACPM-7868 PAMs are fully compatible with Qualcomm’s newest generation of chipsets that support linear quad-band GSM/EDGE operation, enabling improved power efficiency for the world’s most widely-used cellular standard.

The new ACPM-7868 PAMs incorporate Avago’s sixth generation CoolPAM™ technology, which enhances power efficiency with digital power mode control. Two mode control pins provide four power modes for low band and three power modes for high band. The technology delivers higher efficiency, resulting in extended talk time. At 29 dBm antenna power where talk time is measured, the technology enables a handset to save current consumption by more than 100 mA compared with conventional power amplifiers. It also reduces quiescent current down to 8.5 mA typically.

“Handset manufacturers are seeing strong demand for extended talk time of EDGE,” said James Wilson, Marketing Director for RF and microwave products at Avago. “Avago’s new ACPM-7868 power amplifier modules use our proprietary CoolPAM technology to deliver better power efficiency and help meet these demands.”

ACPM-7868 PAMs feature pre-distortion by chipset for improved linearity and efficiency. The modules incorporate 50 Ω matching networks for both RF input and output. The new power amplifiers are manufactured on advanced InGaP HBT technology with proven state-of-the-art reliability, temperature stability and ruggedness. The ACPM-7868 modules are available in a compact 16-pin surface-mount package with a 5 by 5 mm footprint and the package’s height of 0.9 mm supports slim handset designs. The devices are lead-free and RoHS compliant, and have a -20° to +90°C case operating temperature range.