Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the next generation of its 89600 Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software. The new 89600B software provides R&D engineers performing signal and modulation analysis with a window into what’s happening inside their complex wireless devices. With views of virtually every facet of a signal, the VSA tool lets designers see the “why” behind signal interactions, making it is easier and faster to find and fix their toughest signal problems.

Agilent will demonstrate the 89600B software at the European Microwave Week 2010, Booth 62/46.

The 89600B VSA software measures more than 70 signal standards and modulation types covering a range of applications (e.g., mobile communications, wireless connectivity, military communications, satellite communications and more). Furthermore, Agilent has a track record of being first-to-market with test and measurement solutions for emerging communications. These solutions help wireless engineers test today’s signals, while ensuring they are ready for tomorrow’s standards and modulation schemes. The software’s advanced troubleshooting tools quantify spectral performance with high resolution FFT-based measurements; analyze time-domain signal quality; and characterize complex modulation down to the raw bits, including OFDMA and MIMO.

“As a demonstrated leader in VSA software, Agilent has consistently innovated the 89600 offering since its introduction 10 years ago,” said Guy Séné, Vice President and General Manager of Agilent’s Microwave and Communications Division. “As a leading measurement company, we continually work to provide our customers with the tools they need and demand. The 89600B is ahead of today’s wireless signal technology and designed to handle tomorrow’s more complex signals.”