White Papers

Knowles Precision Devices

Ready for Launch: Understanding the Nuances of Space-level Qualification and Screening of Filters

For every mission-critical application, the space qualification and screening process is unique. Download our new white paper to learn more about the common standards and testing processes that will help ensure components are designed to operate reliably in challenging space environments.
Copper Mountain

Near and Far-Field Antenna Measurement

A vector network analyzer is an essential tool for the characterization of antennas. This application note provides an overview of near and far-field measurement techniques. There are challenges to either method, and a solid understanding of these will be helpful to achieve superior measurement results.

Comparing Linearity Measurements in a GaN Ka-Band Satcom Power Amplifier

In this white paper, ERZIA will focus on the Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) method which measures amplifier behavior under a specific modulated input signal, which gives a clear indication of amplifier performance for a given application. We then compare this with classical RF parameters of the amplifier.

Accurate Models for Ultra-Broadband Capacitors

The UBC capacitor series from KYOCERA AVX offers resonance-free performance over an extremely wide frequency range. Modelithics offers scalable models for these capacitors that are measurement-validated to frequencies beyond 100 GHz. In this white paper, learn about these models and see how they can be used for extremely broadband applications.
Rohde and Schwarz

Poster: High-quality Equipment for Every EMI Standard

The ideal preparation for passing first time EMI compliance tests is the right equipment. Get an overview with the poster about our high-qualitiy test equipment and choose the right set up for every EMI standard. Be prepaired for your next test.

Greater Design Flexibility with Selectively Metallized 3D Printed RF Ceramics

This whitepaper will educate readers on how ceramics are used in RF applications, a primer on 3D printed technical ceramic fabrication processes, selective metallization and how it pertains to 3D printed ceramics. Additionally, includes application examples of how 3D printed technical ceramics can benefit RF manufacturing. 

Impacts of Solder Reflow on High Bandwidth RF Connectors: Everything’s Great Until You Apply Solder!

What happens when you combine a high bandwidth RF connector with an optimized PCB launch and solder them together? Unfortunately, the result can be unpredictable. This white paper will identify the root causes of variations often associated with solder joints, and explore ways to better predict solder reflow.
Analog Devices

Combining the Best of Both Worlds: True Time Delays and Phase Shifters

This article details performance measurements vs. predictions of a 16-channel S-band direct sampling receiver design. The design is based on recently released direct sampling analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) clocked at 4 GSPS and sampling in the second Nyquist zone of the converter.
Mini Circuits

A Novel Solution for Board Design Compatibility with High-Rejection LTCC Filters

Mini-Circuits’ BFHK-series of ultra-high stopband rejection LTCC filters accelerates the drive towards RF/microwave circuit miniaturization while completely redefining performance levels achievable by LTCC filters. The BFHK-series of filters now achieves stopband rejections in excess of 90 dB in a surface mount LTCC component consuming just a fraction of the footprint area of even high-k dielectric based planar solutions.
Rohde and Schwarz

Fundamentals of THz Technology for 6G

This white paper offers an overview of the fundamentals of THz waves and their properties for various applications with a focus on 6G based communications.