White Papers

Understanding the Performance Aspects of Different Filter Topologies

Radio Frequency (RF) Filters are necessary for filtering out unwanted signals from equipment such as wireless and satellite communications, radar and broadcasting applications and transmit and receive modules. This paper explores filter topologies, effectiveness of the filters and market applications.

NewSpace Gateway and User Terminal Testing Challenges

Satellite communication systems combine features from cellular networks and wireless technologies. New constellations are under development that attempt to provide ubiquitous mobility and internet networks via satellites, ground stations and user terminals. Each link in the supply chain presents challenges for R&D, production and deployment for the components and system development.

Ultra-Wideband For Dummies® E-Book

This book reveals how UWB will shape the world around us and help businesses, consumers, and industries. It delivers a general understanding of UWB and the different topologies used based on the application. It also paints the picture of a UWB enabled world with current, and future, applications. Download your copy.

Improving Cross Polarization Discrimination in a CATR

High quality testing requires significantly higher polarisation purity of the system in which the antenna is being tested than of the test object itself. Research to improve polarization performance in a single-reflector CATR has delivered a viable solution in a wide-band dual-polarized conjugate-matched CXR feed.

How will 5G Development Impact EMC Susceptibility Testing?

The term 5G applies to the 5th generation mobile network designed to connect virtually everyone and everything - machines and devices - within the Internet of Things (IoT). However, to incorporate 5G into IoT devices, technological advances are developed as this progress presents potential EMI issues not present in earlier wireless systems.

Debugging Conducted Emissions with Oscilloscopes Made Easy

Getting EMI emissions under control is one of those tasks that R&D engineers do not enjoy doing. EMI must often be taken into consideration as early as the design phase, particularly in the case of power electronics systems with increasing switching speeds of wideband gap semiconductors.

Enabling Miniaturization with Micro 3D Printing

Miniaturization is expanding, as the need for small and complex components increases. Current manufacturing methods such as micro molding have long wait times and are very expensive. This white paper explains how micro 3D printing provides the flexibility of additive manufacturing at a price point that is affordable for production scenarios.

Guide to 5G and 6G Product Design

With 6G networks on the horizon faster speeds will result in higher data rates for users using the 3.5 GHz frequency bands for area-wide services and the 26-28 GHz bands for high data rate hotspots. Download this guide to investigate the various electromagnetic and network planning simulation solutions Altair offers.

IoT Design Guide - Antenna Design, Measurement and Optimization

Internet od things applications often count on reliable connectivity to access sensor data or to control devices and machines. This IoT design guide is intended to help IoT device design engineers select, integrate and optimize the most suitable antenna to achieve the desired radio performance.

eBook: Four Functions that Enhance Your Network Analysis

Download the eBook and learn about four network analyzer capabilities that make next-generation testing significantly more efficient. Now you can conduct time-domain analysis, spectrum analysis, and more with a single connection to a network analyzer.