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Introduction to All Silicon Millimeter-Wave 5G Arrays

Network operators are deploying active mmWave antennas in unprecedented volumes, fueled by emerging 5G wireless networks.  Silicon ICs are enabling operators to meet the challenging performance, reliability and cost goals. This paper covers several key considerations for active mmWave 5G antennas and how silicon ICs are addressing the operator needs.

Millimeter-Wave Beamforming: Antenna Array Design Choices & Characterization

This white paper introduces some of the fundamental theory behind beamforming antennas. In addition to these basic concepts, calculation methods for radiation patterns and a number of real world measurement results for linear arrays are shown.

RF Filtering For 5G Millimeter Wave Applications

In this White Paper Knowles Precision Devices reviews some of the areas of 5G communications that will be implemented in the millimeter wave (mmWave) region of the RF spectrum and provides a guide to available RF filtering options at these frequencies.

Triggering Read and Write Cycles of DDR3 Memories

When analyzing the signal integrity performance of DDR interfaces, separating read and write cycles has been a challenging task. Comprehensive trigger capabilities are required – especially when attempting to recreate the eye diagram in realtime.

Application Note: 9 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Signal Generator

Learn best practices to help you leverage the capabilities of your signal generator and optimize your testing for the most accurate measurements. Download the two-part application note 9 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Signal Generator.

eBook: Four Things to Consider When Using a DAQ as Data Logger

There is a growing trend across all industries to design feature-rich products. You need to thoroughly test your product while meeting market windows and project deadlines. Learn how a data acquisition system could help you achieve all of these goals in this Ebook entitled, Four Things To Consider When Using a DAQ as a Data Logger.

Ensure 5G QoS: Get Coexistence Poster

Today’s spectrum is already overcrowded. 5G NR needs to operate without introducing interference. Get Keysight’s Coexistence in Wireless Communications poster: • Reference tables of frequency ranges and operating bands • Top 5 issues that jeopardize quality of service • Terms and acronyms • Solutions for coexistence testing

The Future Architecture of Broadband High Power RF and Microwave Amplifiers

This white paper will discuss an approach and architecture that will improve linearity for solid state high power RF and microwave amplifiers by orders of magnitude, whether class A or class AB topologies, although the fundamental principles can also be applied to TWT and MPM amplifiers as well.

Software Solutions for RF Module Development

RF modules offer a large amount of functionality in a small space, but they can be an engineering challenge for development teams. When combining multiple integrated circuits (ICs) into a single package, it is necessary to model the electrical behavior of many different technologies, such as interconnects (transmission lines) and embedded distributed components, as well as RF, analog, and digital components.

Verify Beamformer ICs for Phased Array Antennas

Beamforming using phased array antennas is a common technology for radar and electronic warfare in the aerospace and defense industry. In satellite communications and 5G NR, phased array beamforming is becoming a default concept. Get deep insights about beamforming with our solutions.
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