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Your Guide to Technology Refresh Choices: How to Balance Evolving Technology and Cost 

As technology evolves, choosing the best way to keep pace depends on the capability of your test assets. Keysight can help with Technology Refresh Services ranging from advisory consulting to equipment trade-ins. Explore the possibilities in our eBook: it describes ways to evaluate trade-offs and manage choices.

Is Your Handset RF Ready for 5G?

Accelerating 5G standards development is creating pressure for smartphone manufacturers to add 5G new radio (NR) support to handset designs. 5G introduces new challenging requirements and initial mobile deployments will create additional complex RF challenges. Innovative new RF solutions will be required to solve the complex challenges of 5G.

Introduction into Theory of Direction Finding

There is a growing requirement for determining the location of emitters in radiomonitoring, security services, military intelligence, etc.  Spectral components used in spread-spectrum techniques can only be allocated to a specific emitter if the direction is known. Direction finding is therefore an indispensable first step in radiodetection.

Multi-tone Testing Can Save Both Time and Money

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has developed a product which uses a patented test process that adds additional test frequencies, or tones, for each test period, or dwell time.

Quickly Evaluate High Performance Oscillators

Learn how to quickly evaluate high performance oscillators. Designers and manufactures of modern, high performance OCXOs, CROs, DROs, TCXOs, SAW oscillators, etc. are pushing phase noise measurement floor requirements to the theoretical limits. This unique phase noise test system can accurately measure these devices at the fastest acquisition speeds possible.

Optimize Battery Management Systems via Temperature Profiles

It takes the right tools to perform a job well!  Case in point - designing efficient battery thermal management systems for all the battery-powered, portable devices you’re asked to design. Read our “Temperature Profiling Application Notes” to learn how you can optimize battery performance, increase reliability, and avert safety issues.

Combining Near-Field Measurement and Simulation for EMC Radiation Analysis

Electronic components are required to comply with the global EMC regulations to ensure failure free operation. Currently, EMC measurements in certified institutes are mandatory to certify performance complies with regulations. Since these measurements are performed at the end of the product design process, failing an EMC test can imply a costly redesign.

Antenna Basics

This white paper describes the basic functionality of antennas. Starting with Hertz's Antenna model followed by a short introduction to the fundamentals of wave propagation, the important general characteristics of an antenna and its associated parameters are explained.

Introduction to SAW Filter Theory & Design Techniques

API Technologies offers a wide range of high quality standard and custom Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) product solutions. API believes in a flexible approach and possesses high volume capability and world wide support.

RF Basics & Real Time

Radio frequency (RF) waves are fascinating natural phenomena that have allowed humanity to create tools to communicate over vast distances, observe other worlds, and gain a deeper understanding of our own planet. They are also ubiquitous here on Earth. We are surrounded by RF waves created by human technology, like the signals produced by radio and television stations and mobile phones, as well as signals emitted by natural sources like pulsars and supernovae scattered throughout the universe.
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