White Papers

Teledyne E2V Semiconductors

K-Band Microwave DACs Driving Quantum Computing Technologies

As classical computer developments asymptotically approach fundamental computational speed limits, quantum computing has the potential to be hundreds of millions of times faster, at a fraction of equivalent development costs. This will occur only if quantum computer designers can ensure microwave signal-source Qubit drive capability that is accurate, synchronized, reliable, and consistent.

The Importance of Interference Hunting in 5G Network Deployment and Operationdf

In 5G mobile networks, RF interference can impact QoS and degrade network performance. Identifying interference sources, then mitigating them, can be expensive and time-consuming. Having the right set of intelligent and intuitive test tools can save time and money by quickly resolving issues and preventing a cell from going down.
Rohde and Schwarz

Gate Drive Measurement Considerations

The more successful a gate driver is in reducing power-up and power-down times, the bigger the headache for accurate measurements. Both choosing the right probe and optimizing the probing technique are significant factors in improving measurement accuracy. This white paper provides guidelines.

5G Ushers in New Military Era

Wireless technology has become a vital asset for military and defense. To ensure successful design, deployment, and operation of systems utilizing 5G, advanced test processes are paramount to precise implementation, optimization, and maintenance. This paper explores a number of use cases and examines verification processes, as well as some comprehensive test solutions.

Ensuring Test Site Compliance for Radiation Emissions with Normalized Site Attenuation

This resource touches base on a challenging but important aspect of radiated emissions measurements on an OATS, SAC, or FAR. A compliant test site produces repeatable test results and instills confidence in both customers and test personnel.

Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) RF Power Measurement Challenges

Design, Verification, Troubleshooting and Maintenance of secondary surveillance radar (e.g. IFF-based radar) has never been more demanding. Proper design and operation of SSR systems can mean the difference between life and death. To reduce the possibility of a catastrophic event, federal aviation safety standards require transponders to undergo periodic maintenance and calibration. 

Using Wireless InSite® for Engineered Electromagnetic Surface Modeling

Wireless InSite supports the simulation of RF interactions with engineered electromagnetic surfaces (EES). This allows modeling of passive metasurfaces designed to optimize wireless communication coverage by manipulating how signals propagate through a scene. This paper demonstrates how Wireless InSite simulates and analyzes the channel characteristics of EES in any environment, including indoor, outdoor, outdoor to indoor, and others.

Measuring the Phase Noise of High-frequency, Low Phase Noise Dielectric Resonator Oscillators

Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DROs) are compact, narrowband devices that stabilize frequency with a dielectric resonator, enabling the generation of microwave signals with extremely low phase noise. Because of these advantages, DROs are prime choices for advanced, high-frequency applications, such as integration into radar and communications systems.
Richardson RFPD

RadioThorium: a 24 to 44GHz Transmitter and Receiver

The RFPD-RT-2444-1 mmWave converter is a standalone solution for use in the 24 to 44 GHz range and is branded “RadioThorium.” The 24-44 GHz RadioThorium block up- and down-converter was developed by Signal Craft Technologies (Calgary, Canada) in partnership with Richardson RFPD and Analog Devices. The module is designed to interface directly with an external baseband platform, such as Analog Devices’ MxFE (Mixed- Signal Front-End) or similar SDR IC. Up to x4 modules can be combined in parallel to create complex MIMO applications.
Rohde and Schwarz

Conformance test failed. What now?

Conformance tests are performed on serial data interfaces such as USB, HDMI and PCI Express to ensure interoperability between electronic devices and accessories. In cases where signal integrity problems are encountered, the R&S®RTP oscilloscope supports root cause analysis by providing powerful tools such as eye diagrams, jitter and noise separation as well as time domain reflectometry.