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Millimeter-Wave 5G Beamforming and Phased Array Basics

Experts and major industry bodies have spoken — 5G will arrive faster than many envisioned, and our industry is in the middle of an age of innovation that has not been seen for 25 years. Companies developing systems for millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G networks are in front of regulating bodies, working to anticipate where the market will move and how to meet the needs of their customers.

Radar Echo Generator Application Note

Radar test systems are essential in research, development, production and maintenance of radar systems. Most radar tests are expensive to carry out in the field and have a complicated setup and operation. This application note presents a solution for testing the complete radar system by generating any kind of radar echo signals with arbitrary range, Doppler frequency and Radar Cross Section. The Radar Echo Generator makes it possible to perform real time tests on many applications including aerospace & defense and commercial radar systems.

Making Effective Use of Doherty Architecture

With the evolution of 5G technology, the need for antenna array systems is growing. This increases the demand for efficient power amplifier implementations to support high-density setups. Imagine you could get 60 % more output power, 50 % more bandwith and up to 20 % efficiency gain per amplifier in a MIMO antenna array setup? Would you spend time on rethinking your implementation plans?

Evolving Critical Communications: 3 Key Trends

Learn about three key trends paving the way to heightened communications capabilities and enhanced security for emergency responders and military personnel.

Accelerating Test Challenges Impact Quality

Tighter tolerances, manufacturing complexity, and more demanding product specifications make product quality harder to achieve and harder to test. Read the ABC’s of test accuracy.

Solving the Top 5 IoT Testing Challenges

Since each generation of IoT devices needs to be smaller, more robust, easier to configure and use less power than before, designers and engineers need to know the challenges involved. Download the whitepaper to learn how to navigate these.

How to Optimize Measurement Speed of Your DAQ

Taking a single temperature measurement on a device is simple. But what if you need more robust temperature data logging like making multiple measurements at a time? Read this white paper for help determining the data acquisition system (DAQ) to best fit your temperature data logging needs.

Achieving First-Spin Success in LTCC Components with Advanced Material Simulation Models

Since the advent of Network Synthesis Theory at the turn of the last century, filter designers have been developing ever more sophisticated solutions to translate polynomial transfer functions into working, physical components.

7 Reasons You’re Paying Too Much for Your Spectrum Analyzer

With PC-based spectrum analyzers becoming mainstream, maintaining the status quo begs the question: Why let big, expensive spectrum analyzers of the past limit your test capabilities and capacity?

Mitigating 5G Interference Signals in the C-Band

With the rollout of 5G infrastructure, the 5G interference signals will be powerful enough to saturate the sensitive C-band satellite receiving systems, causing a potential for total loss of service. To eliminate or control any electromagnetic interference one must focus on three major fronts -the transmitter, the medium of propagation and the receiver.
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