Quantum Reversal Inc.

Company Profile

QR (Quantum Reversal) provides RF/antenna and GPS design and consulting services. QR develops unique, quite often disruptive, solutions to various wireless applications. QR team has experience in designing products for various applications in space, underwater, robotics, UAV to commercial and user end. Current projects undertaken by QR are anti-jamming GPS antennas for commercial applications and RF imaging devices. QR100 is the smallest GPS anti-jamming unit in the world! The unit operates at both L1 and L2 GPS bands using very small external antennas. It occupies 3x less volume, 19x less power and 9x less weight than closest competitors products. QR20x has three internal antennas embedded inside its housing. QR200 has bandwidth of 30 MHz while QR201 has 60 MHz bandwidth and QR202 has 120 MHz bandwidth centered around GPS L1/L2 frequencies. QR202 allows to track multiple GNSS constellations including L-band Omnistar type correction services.

Contact Information:

Contact: Waldemar Kunysz
Title: CTO
Phone: 1.825.509.1909


Quantum Reversal Inc.
80 Royal Rd. NW
Edmonton AB T6J 2E7