DITF Interconnect Technology

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Contact: Tom Lavallee
Title: Sales & Marketing
Phone: 603 845-3450


DITF Interconnect Technology
2245 Meridian Boulevard
Suite E
Minden NV 89423
United States
DITF is the premier thin film interconnect manufacturer. DITF has full in house capability include vacuum deposition, CO2 lasers, electroplating, resistor trimming, diamond dicing, photolithography and many other services. DITF’s capabilities can achieve 0.00027" lines and/or spaces with ±0.00005" tolerances. DITF can achieve these features on traditional ceramic materials such as Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, BeO, Quartz, Sapphire and Flex Circuit materials. Complete in house capabilities means our standard lead times meet other companies expedited deliveries. Servicing the military, medical, optical and microwave industries for over 40 years, DITF has achieved several customer awards including Raytheon 3-star supplier award for four consecutive years.
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