E-FAB, Inc.

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Contact: Aubrey Lopez
Title: Account Manager
Phone: 800.600.3322


E-FAB, Inc.
1075 Richard Ave.
Santa Clara CA 95050
United States
Established in 1981, E-FAB Incorporated, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company in the heart of Silicon Valley. E-FAB builds and delivers an extensive array of precision thin metal and flex circuits parts using the photo etching and photo chemical machining manufacturing process for a commercial, military and aerospace industries. About E-FAB. Precision thin metal parts are built quickly to customer's specifications. E-FAB products include: PCB Stiffeners, Busbars, Flexible Circuits, Sculptured Flexible Circuits Aluminum Flex Circuit Heavy Metal Sculpted Flex, Mesh Screens, Mesh (Micro Mesh), Antennas (RF Microwave Space Fed Lens Antennas, Space Borne Antennas Spiral Antennas & Assemblies Etched Antennas), Carriers: RF, Microwave, E-FAB Shields: Shields & Shielding, EMI Shielding, (Lids and Fences), Micro Contacts & Bumps, Bent Metal Parts, Encoder Strips, PCB Components, PCB Jumpers, Jumpers, Direct Bonded Copper, and Dielectric Coated Shields.
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