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SemiGen is a full service RF Microwave Supplier of Manufacturing Services and Semiconductor Products. We manufacturer RF Microwave, PCB and Mixed Technology assemblies for our customers as well as manufacturing semiconductor devices and the distribution of RF Microwave Bonding Supplies. SemiGen’s portfolio of services and products allows their customers a one stop shop to reduce cost and consolidate purchases for their products. Serving the military electronics, space, medical and telecommunication markets SemiGen has something to offer every customer. Our services and products include, build to print, design, turnkey production, testing through 50Ghz and semiconductor products, limiters, Pin Diodes, Beam Lead Pin Diodes, Limiter Diodes, Step Recovery Diodes, Point Contact Diodes, Schottky Barrier Diodes, Schottky Barrier Bridge Quads, Schottky Barrier Ring Quads, Chip and Mounting Capacitors (space qualified), Binary Capacitors, Fixed Attenuator Pads and Spiral Inductor Coils.

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Contact: Tim Filteau
Title: President
Phone: 603-624-8311


SemiGen Inc.
54 Grenier Field Road
Londonderry NH 03053
United States


Tim Filteau Brings the RF, Microwave and Manufacturing Industry Up-to-Speed on a Unique Suite of Product and Service Offerings

EDI CON 2018 - President, Tim Filteau brings the RF, microwave, and manufacturing industry up-to-speed on a unique suite of product and service offerings that help manufacturers expand their ability to deliver. (Interviewed by Microwave Journal's Patrick Hindle)

SemiGen Inc. launches new website

SemiGen Inc., an ISO and ITAR registered RF/microwave assembly, automated PCB manufacturing and RF Supply Center, has launched a new website. The site features updated RF/microwave testing/assembly/design, PCB assembly, semiconductor upscreening and RF/microwave module repair pages with detailed parameter and specification listings.

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SemiGen's limiter diodes

SemiGen Inc., an ISO and ITAR registered RF/Microwave assembly, automated PCB manufacturing, and RF Supply Center, offers Limiter Diodes that feature fast turn-on time, low loss, low capacitance and resistance, and easy bonding.

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NH Senator Shaheen and SBA Chief Mills tour SemiGen facility

SemiGen Inc., an ISO and ITAR certified RF/Microwave assembly and automated PCB manufacturing company, was recently visited by U.S. Senator, Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) chief, Karen Mills, to tour the Manchester, New Hampshire facility and discuss how the SBA program has helped the company develop and grow.

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New SemiGen site offers eCommerce

SemiGen Inc. has announced the grand opening of their new RF Supply Center and is accepting online orders for immediate shipment of low volumes of popular epoxies, adhesive films, bonding tools, gold wire and other supplies used in die attach, substrate attach, chip bonding, assembly, screen printing, and surface mounting of microwave modules and components.

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SemiGen Opens RF Supply Center

SemiGen Inc. , an RF/microwave assembly and automated PCB manufacturing house, has announced the opening of its new RF Supply Center and will begin accepting orders for epoxies, bonding tools, gold wire and other supplies used in the manufacture and test of microwave modules and components on January 3rd,...Read more

SemiGen Relocates, Expanding Assembly and Test Capabilities

SemiGen Inc. , an expert in RF/microwave hybrid assembly and testing, semiconductor evaluation and packaging, and automated PCB manufacturing, has announced that the company is moving to a new facility and expanding its RF/microwave assembly and test capabilities. To meet the demands of customer requirements and to accommodate SemiGen’s...Read more

SemiGen Acquires AMR Inc.

SemiGen Inc. , a modern outsource for die packaging, hybrid assembly, and automated PCB manufacturing and test, announced the acquisition of Alternative Microwave Resources (AMR) of Amherst, NH. AMR is a privately held contract manufacturer specializing in hybrid assembly, engineering, and testing of RF and microwave modules up to...Read more
Thin Film Guidlines

Thin Film Circuit Design Guidelines

We have released our thin film circuit design guidelines. Designed to help RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave circuit design engineers with optimizing their layouts for our advanced ion beam milling (or etching) process.

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Wafer Processing Available

SemiGen announces new foundry capabilities and hi-rel screening services. Now offering wafer processing of 100 to 150 mm silicon wafers, as well as alumina and aluminum nitride substrates up to 4.25 in.

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Series of Inductor Coils


SemiGen Inc. has added a series of inductor coils to its expanding product offerings. SemiGen spiral inductor coils come in ten models with seven different square dimensions including .030"x.030", .040"x.040", .045"x.045", .055"x.055", .065"x.065", .075"x.075", and .085"x.085"—all inductors are .012" thick. Inductance offered ranges from 1.5 nH to 300 nH with 1.5 turns up to 18.5 turns.

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Series of Fixed Attenuator Pads

SemiGen_AttenuatorPadsSemiGen Inc. has added a series of fixed attenuator pads to its expanding product offerings. SemiGen offers a selection of fixed attenuators pads with an attenuation of 0 to 100 dB. These attenuator pads feature precise resistor films and superior metallization resulting in a flat response from DC to up to 50 GHz. Attenuator pads offer power handling from 1 to 5 W continuous wave.

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45 pF to 1000 pF Mounting Capacitors Series

SemiGen_MountingCapacitorsSemiGen Inc. is offering a series of mounting capacitors that can be screen to class K quality requirements for space. SemiGen’s ideal low loss very high Q mounting capacitors feature low temperature coefficients. With six different capacitances offered from 45 pF to 1000 pF, these capacitors are developed using an MNOS approach and precision photolithography to provide a dependable device.

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Up to 40 GHz Diodes with Low Junction Capacitances

SemiGen_SchottkyBarrierDiodesSemiGen Inc. has added a series of new Schottky Diodes to its expanding product offerings. SemiGen silicon-based Schottky diodes utilize various metal schemes to provide excellent performance for low, medium and high barrier applications through 40 GHz. This series of schottky diodes feature small junction capacitances, low I/F noise, low resistance, and multi-junction chips for optimum performance.

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Point Contact Mixer Diodes: 1N Series


SemiGen Inc. offers a series of Point Contact Mixer Diodes, the 1N series. The 1N series point contact mixer diodes perform into the Ka-band. Each device in the series ideally designed with noise figures as low as 5.5 dB at 3.060 GHz and 6.0 dB at 9.375 GHz. With VSWR’s of 1.3:1 and impedances ranging from 200-600 Ω, these devices can serve as drop in replacements for all military and commercial requirements. 

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Limiter Diodes: SLP7100 Series

SemiGen_LimiterDiodesSemiGen has added a series of limiter diodes to its expanding product offerings, SLP7100 series. The SLP7100 limiter diodes are processed with a high-resistivity epitaxial wafer (epi) that has thin intrinsic layers. These devices are 2 to 20 microns thick and can be gold doped to achieve specific performance goals. The SLP7100 limiter diodes are used in passive or active limiter designs in the 100 MHz to 30 GHz frequency ranges.

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Beam Lead PINs Series: SBL 2000

SemiGen_BeamLeadSemiGen Inc. and RF Supply Center offers a series of beam lead PINs, the SBL 2000. The SBL2000 beam lead PIN diodes feature switching speeds as low as 3 ns with both low capacitance and resistance. SemiGen’s beam lead PINs are optimally designed during assembly for high levels of mechanical strength and stability with an operating temperature ranging from -55oC to +150oC.

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Fixed Attenuator Pads

fixedAttenuatorPadsSemiGen has announced that a series of fixed attenuator pads are now available. SemiGen's advanced thin-film technology allows these attenuator pads to have full side wraps for SMT installation and a complete grounding backside for ease in attachment. No ground bonding is required. Top side contacts for the input and output make these ideal for standard RF and microwave assembly techniques. Custom values are easy to fabricate.

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RF/Microwave and Digital Design Service

200 cut

SemiGen Inc., an ISO and ITAR registered RF/microwave assembly, automated PCB manufacturing, and RF supply center is now offering a full range of RF/microwave and digital design/engineering services. SemiGen/SWT can help with unique RF and digital engineering challenges. They can also help with writing the spec, manufacturing the first prototype, redesign and qualification, and eventually, full-volume assembly.

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Limiter Diodes: SLP7100 Series

SemiGen_PINdiodes_PR2The SemiGen SLP7100 series of limiter diodes is processed with a high-resistivity epi that has thin, intrinsic layers. These devices are typically in the 2 to 20 micron range of epi thickness and can be gold-doped to achieve specific performance goals. They are used in passive or active limiter designs in the 100 MHz to 30 GHz frequency range. Ideal applications for these diodes are waveguide, stripline, coax, or microstrip, in single- or multi-chip devices.

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Low Capacitance PIN Diodes

SemiGen_PINdiodes_PR2SemiGen Inc., an ISO and ITAR registered RF/Microwave assembly, automated PCB manufacturing, and RF Supply Center, offers PIN diodes that feature low capacitance and resistance, high reliability, and easy bonding with F.A.C. mesas. These devices are typically manufactured with either a robust thermal-oxide passivation or ceramic glass for durable high-power applications. These diodes are made with a grown junction P++ layer that yields abrupt junction structures.

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Microwave Chip Capacitors Series

Chip CapacitorsSemiGen Inc. has announced that a series of microwave chip capacitors are now available from their RF Supply Center. Series 8000 capacitors offer a working voltage of >50 V and capacitance ranges from 2.0 pF to 600 pF. Series 8100 capacitors offer a working voltage of >100 V and capacitance ranges from 0.1 pF to 399 pF.

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Leveraging the Precision of Ion Beam Milling Vs. Chemical Etching of Thin Film Circuits

This brief describes manufacturing thin film circuits using a next-generation anisotropic ion beam milling process that is proving to be the most precise, repeatable, and clean approach over the more random process of traditional material subtraction via chemical etching.