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Complex RF Mixers, Zero IF Architecture, and Advanced Algorithms: The Black Magic in Next-Generation SDR Transceivers

This paper was an Outstanding Paper Award finalist at EDI CON USA 2017

There is an interesting interaction between complex mixers, zero-IF architecture, and advanced algorithm development. The objective of this article is to establish the basic fundamentals of each: the principles of operation and the value they deliver in terms of system design, and then to discuss the interdependability of the three.

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Ultra-wideband DPD; the rewards & challenges for cable distribution systems

This paper was an Outstanding Paper Award winner at EDI CON US 2017

The first cable systems in the US started to appear in the early fifties. Even with the rapid changes in technology and distribution methods, cable has maintained a prominent position as a conduit for the distribution of data.  New technologies have ‘layered’ themselves on the existing cable network. This article focuses on one aspect of that evolution; Power Amplifier (PA) Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD), it’s a term that many involved in cellular system networks will be familiar with. Transitioning the technology to cable brings substantial benefits in terms of power efficiency and performance. With these benefits come substantial challenges; this article does a deep dive into some of these challenges and provides an overview as to how they may be solved.

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